Te Oranga (Lyrics)

‘Te Oranga’ by Little Bushman 
From our third studio album ‘Te Oranga’



Printable version (PDF)

(English Translation in italics)

Tihe ̄ winiwini
Tihe ̄ wanawana
Tihe ̄ Mauriora!
I wriggle, I jump, I sneeze & I am born
Ka oma te tamaiti
Ka tipu te tamaiti
Ka harikoa te Manawa
The child grows, The child runs, the heart is happy
Mai i te taiohinga
Mai I te taiohinga
Along come the teenage years
Ka puta mai he po ̄he ̄he ̄
Ka puta mai he po ̄he ̄he ̄
Along comes rebellion
Hau ana te ha o Tawhiri
Hau ana te ha o Tawhiri
The breath of Tawhirimatea changes
Ano ̄ nei he ha ̄mana
Ano ̄ nei he ha ̄mana
And like the Salmon
Ka whawhaitia te wai
Ka whawhaitia te wai
I fight the Water
Kia kitea to ̄ku moenga
Let me find my bed
Na ̄ wai, a ̄,
Ano ̄ nei he Kahuku
Na ̄ wai, a ̄,
Ano ̄ nei he Kahuku
After a while I turn into a Monarch butterfly
Ka rere i te hau
Ka rere ki tawhiti
Ka moe ake te kaiwawata
To fly with the wind, To fly far away, The dreamer sleeps


  • Emily Jasmine says:

    Kia ora mai ki te waiata ataahua! And heartfelt gratitude for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!

  • Darryn Sigley says:

    Super cool, very enjoyable, thanks.

  • Gaylene says:

    Love it – Irie

  • Elinor Morton says:

    I discovered your music by accident, I love these two tracks, played them loads. You’re still a rarity in the U.K., it’s great we have access to music from all over the world

  • Wendy Joseph says:

    I have this album. Am a long time fan of Little Bushman and am delighted to have the English words to this fantastic song. Hard to get in Australia, although one can manage if there’s a good Indie Music Shop handy… (Streetlight in Adelaide helped me access much of your music after I bought the live album some years ago in Christchurch, never having heard it or Little Bushman before… ) You guys rock! Thanks for the download. Now I get to share you on Facebook! Yay!!!!

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