One Hand (Lyrics)

‘One Hand’ by Little Bushman
From our third studio album ‘Te Oranga’


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One hand raised up high
is it to ask a question, or to deny?
And one hand can turn the tide
from sorrow to divine

Two hands raised to worship
your deities wait in slumber
Those two hands, building Rome
seedy senate self implode

Ten thousand hands raised up high
feel the rhythm, idealism
I want to love my neighbor
though he’s a non-believer
He ain’t no sinner man
He ain’t no sinner man
Sinner man. Sinner man. Cinnamon. Cinema
for the world to see

Show your spirit. Spirit. Spirit
You’ll be flying
You’ll be laughing
Wairua. E rere. Wairua

One foot either side
of a meandering, microscopic chalk line
in the rain

Beastie he resides at the helm
with his eye on a coin that will never see
the sunlight or the rain

Awaken from each night
from a cave to a pipe
Channel prayer to a fibre-optic marketplace

From yin to yan
stardust to man
From yin to yan
stardust to man

Te Ao. Te Po. Te Ao. Te Po. Te Ao. Te Po …. Io

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