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“…the orchestral arrangements are symphonic rather than merely lush string backings. Furiously beaten kettle drums going head to head with razor guitar chords; the keyboards and percussionist relentlessly driving it forward…a fearless adventure”

– Dominion Post ✭✭✭✭

Where We Got Born-Live (sample)
Jimi-Live (sample)
Holy Ground-Live (sample)
Drum Solo-Live (sample)
Little Bird-Live (sample)
Little Bird Pt 2-Live (sample)
5. Pendulum-Live (sample)
War-Live (sample)
Peaceful Man-Live (sample)

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Built on the shoulders of classic 60s psychedelic rock, lyrical folk and contemporary New Zealand blues music. Wellington quartet ‘Little Bushman’ exemplify unpredictable, musically sincere sonic explorations.

Serving it like a slow acting shot of adrenaline, through live performance and recorded output, their presence has been felt both at home and abroad. Filtering the real, the unreal and things worth standing up for into song, this is music optimistically dreaming of a better tomorrow, re-imagined one note at a time.

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