Gone (Lyrics)

‘Gone’ by Little Bushman 
From our third studio album ‘Te Oranga’


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Won’t you think of them when they’re gone
No longer a shoulder to cry on
No longer at the end of a telephone
Too late they’ve gone

Won’t you think as if they weren’t around
Nobody to pick you up when you’re down
Nobody to share what you’ve found
Love likes now

Hey, every day
I inhale my mortality
Kin, came shelter me
and for that I reciprocate
Imagine, Hei Ngaro noa
Kui’s laugh keeps me sane
I exhale non-necessity
in a bed in autumn years

When a Ruamoko gonna turn
No longer a 1 or a 0
who now gonna be the hero?
Ma wai ra


I look around and what do I see?
See a gigabyte of ten delights
all dancing after me
And in my dreams she’s calling to me
with a lullaby that God denied
and Io he chose to keep
So the seas did rise and the winds did burn
and the plastic mountaineer becomes the Khan
to teach the world of yesteryear

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